Most Common Types of Wood Working Tools May 22, 2016

Wood working, or carpentry, has been a popular hobby and career path for many years. Some of the earliest people to walk the earth have partaken in creating unique pieces of art and even useful everyday items out of wood. Throughout the years, wood working has changed a bit yet some of the wood working tools remain the same. Carpenters have been using a variety of tools to help create beautiful masterpieces.


A drill is used to help make holes in many different sizes in a piece of wood. Some of the more common types of drills for home use include a hammer drill and cordless drill.


Sanders changed the wood working game in a big way. Previously wood workers used small pieces of sand paper to smooth out their projects. Instead now they are using a belt driven, motorized sander to help create a smooth working surface. Here is great read on random orbital sander reviews


The Jigsaw is one of the most exciting pieces of wood working tools to use. This is because they offer the user the ability to create unique shapes and designs in wood. This allows you to be creative in your projects.

Nail Gun

A nail gun offers an easier and efficient way of placing nails into the wood instead of the traditional method. Traditionally nails are hammered in one by one, using a hammer. Now instead, you can place multiple nails in through an air compression process with the help of a nail gun.

One of the most important features for any wood working tools is safety. Ensuring you are safe at all times when working with these common tools is a simple step that must not be missed. Remember to wear eye coverage and gloves to ensure your eyes and hands are kept safe at all times.

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